LinkedIn + AI = Timesaver for B2B Sales

3 timers B2B Workshop om AI, leadgenerering og automatiserede systemer der sparer dig tid og penge med Linkedin.


  • AI Analysis
  • Solid background in SaaS
  • Experience with B2B Sales in LinkedIn
  • Development and growth strategies
  • Trend mapping & user-centric focus
  • Keynotespeaker in AI forums

Steffen Kirkegaard

Founder & CEO at ExecuteAI

With Steffen Kirkegaard, it's about a deep understanding, meticulous planning, structured approach, comprehensive overview, and a solid plan we all believe in, leading to exceptional execution of sales results.


  • Clarity & authenticity
  • A great storytelling
  • 360° customer experience
  • Stand out vs crowded market
  • Understand vs misunderstand
  • Brand strategy and communication

Lars-Bo Sølvquist

Client Director at Cxnsult

The core aspects of communication, integrating storytelling, values, standing out in a crowded market, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into a comprehensive understanding of effective communication strategies.